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Celebrating Life

Actualizado: 8 jul 2020

When you survive cancer, you cannot help but feel grateful. Grateful to those who helped you move forward. Grateful to your family, boyfriend and friends for accompanying you throughout the process. Grateful to the doctors who saved your life. Grateful to the nurses who looked after you on your worst days. Grateful for being treated in an excellent hospital. Grateful for a new day. Grateful for being alive.

The cancer diagnosis not only affects the patient. The battle for life involves many people. Patient, doctors and loved ones quickly and without being prepared, undertake a difficult struggle in uncertain terrain; and although no one knows how to act or what to expect, defeating cancer is a team effort.

It's true that there is no one correct form of doing things. Each story is different and total healing can be achieved in many ways, but what I can tell you is that the battle for life would be more painful and almost impossible without the help of those who love you.

But after cancer... what do you do?

YOU CELEBRATE LIFE! And you share it with all the people important to you.

As I have always told you, I was very fortunate to have had the best HEALING SQUAD. When I thought I couldn't do it, they were there to cheer me up. When I needed hugs, they were there hugging me. When I defeated Frantz Tumor (my ex-pancreatic cancer), they were there to celebrate with me.

Somehow I had to express my gratitude to my best soldiers, to thank them for accompanying me in all the ups and downs of my way back to total healing and for this reason, I organized a meal to enjoy our victory.

September 2 seemed a good day to celebrate my new life... and you are all invited to the celebration to relive with me this special day.

Thank you Moreno's for my amazing candy buffet!

Although a few days before it was raining, the day of my party the weather was spectacular. The afternoon was sunny and it wasn't very cold at night. The atmosphere was loaded with good vibes and we all shared the joy of life.

The theme of the Victory Celebration was lavender because the color of pancreatic cancer is purple. And thanks to Diana, Xime, both Lucys and Fer, everything was decorated more beautiful than I could've imagined when planning the party in the hospital.

We served flautas to eat because... who doesn't like flautas? And many tasty desserts that several guests brought.

The whole time I felt surrounded by love and my entire squad was there, being able to attend physically or not, to demonstrate me once again how unconditional they are.

In addition, an impromptu toast was organized and very nice things were said. Watch the video with the TOAST HIGHLIGHTS (it has english subtitles). Cheers!

Finally, I'll dare to give you some advice: If you know a family member, friend or someone who is going through a bad time, the best thing you can do for them is... to be there.

It's very easy to be in the good times and that's why you value infinitely those who stay in the bad. Definitely, a news as devastating as cancer is endured better with company.

Sometimes it's hard to realize that some people whom you considered close were never close and it may disappoint you. However, this bitter taste is compensated and exceeds favorably by all those who show you their friendship, loyalty and love; as well as the many "distant" people who surprise you.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thanks for everything. You'll always be the most important people in my life and I hope to be as good a friend as you are to me.

Meet my healing squad and see some of the photos of this incredible day!

Ps. Don't forget to follow me on social media as @goodbyefrantz.

Ps2. If you live in Mexico, you have a special event and you want someone to make you look nice... call @paolaterresmakeup.



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