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25 things in 25 years

Actualizado: 8 jul 2020

Instagram: @goodbyefrantz

Tomorrow is my 26th birthday and also a very important milestone in my life, as those who have accompanied me on this adventure know that my turns around the sun were about to stop at 24.

Last year, when I was 24 years old, I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer + liver metastases and I faced for the first time my own mortality. In this fight I lost +66% of the pancreas, 50% of the liver, the spleen and the gallbladder, but I won and had a big time celebrating my second chance in life.

This year, Frantz, my ex-cancer, decided to return and although I had to fight again, I witnessed that miracles exist. Today, 2 PET scans and 6 months after my recurrence, I can proudly say: I'M FREE OF FRANTZ TUMOR!

At 25 years old we've all had different life experiences. We've all faced different obstacles and have followed different paths. Today I want to share with you what I've learned during this time:


01. Life is unpredictable.

02. The body is very fragile and resistant at the same time.

03. Life has strange ways of presenting us extraordinary people.

04. Opportunities can come disguised as adversities.

05. We can never control the circumstances of life, but always how we react to them.

06. You are never too young or too old to have cancer.

07. You can survive cancer one, two or many more times.

08. Difficult situations show us our true friends and estrange the false ones.

09. You can meet the love of your life before the age of 15.

10. "It is not about to lengthen your life, but to widen it" - Lalo López

11. In the blink of an eye we can cease to exist.

12. Life is about being happy.

13. Dreams don't come true alone. We have to pursue them.

14. Don't do anything by obligation.

15. Miracles exist.

16. It is easier to be a good person.

17. If you care about someone, show them.

18. Scars are proof that you are still alive.

19. Sundays are the best day of the week.

20. The good thing about bad days is that they end.

21. Live in the now. Enjoy today.

22. Invest your time with people who give you good energy. Let go those who don't.

23. You will always have yourself. Treat you well.

24. If you are facing a difficult situation, look for a support squad.

25. If you feel afraid before a surgery, let the universe know your desire to live. You will wake up.



Thanks @marianaj.ramirez for updating the scar on my drawing! Forever my favorite. I love you.

Ps. Did you know that on November 17 we celebrate my birthday and also the world day of pancreatic cancer? The coincidences of life are strange.


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