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At 24

Actualizado: 8 jul 2020

At 24 years old we start living. At 24 years old we do not worry about time because we know that we still have a lot of life and we are excited about the experiences to come. At 24 years old, we seek to become what we want to be, we do not have fears and we feel invincible.

At 24 years old we know that, with effort, we can achieve everything. And with each step, we are closer to fulfilling our dreams. At 24 years old we see no obstacles, but challenges. We do not make excuses, we look for alternatives and if one way does not work, we go another.

At 24 years old we are healthy, strong and courageous. We know we are intelligent and we have many plans, dreams and desire to make our legacy become something extraordinary that endures over time. We want to have deep relationships and we value the greatness of our family, friends and partner. And although we know that life is never easy, at 24 years old, it is easy to be happy.

It is possible that at 24 years old our life will change forever and suddenly because, although we are very young, we can have cancer. At any age, "having cancer" is very unfair, but at 24 years old we should be looking for the ideal outfit and not defending our right to live.

At 24 years old, cancer is a threat. The diagnosis may end in a heartbeat with the world that we previously believed to be safe and, although we are not ready to face such painful battles, we face them because we have no other choice. At 24 years old we are stronger than any cancer and our war marks fill us with pride because they remind us that we won, that we fought valiantly and that, at last, we are out of danger, because it is possible to regain control and redirect our lives towards a better destination.

At 24 years old we can experience anxiety for the first time and cancer can make us doubt our victory. But at 24 years old, our desire to live is so great that we are capable to drown in intense pains, reach the bottom and resurface.

At 24 years old we are able to overcome the situations that we previously believed to be insurmountable, to feel grateful to life for the simple fact of existing and to cry when our heart does not fit more joy. At 24 years old, cancer is not necessarily a death sentence. We can get rid of it, eliminate it forever and be part of the 5% of the survivors of a cancer as bad as the pancreas.

Possibly, at 24 years old, the solid pseudopapillary tumor of the pancreas or Frantz Tumor may have been inhabiting half of the pancreas for several years. At 24 years old, Frantz, will have managed to spread to other places and protect his metastases in the liver.

At 24 years old, cancer may seem our worst enemy, and it will not be until we make peace, that it will stop terrorizing and confusing us. At 24 years old we can result victorious from the battle for life, endure physical and mental blows, say goodbye to cancer and reborn in a life with a much deeper and clearer meaning than ever.

At 24 years old, opportunities can be presented in the form of adversity, but if we are receptive, we can take advantage of them, because life teaches valuable lessons to improve the rest of our time.

At 24 years old we know that we are responsible for our happiness and we try to ensure that complications do not discourage us. At 24 years old we can overcome everything and appreciate the gift of a new day because, maybe, at 24 years old, we almost lose everything.

Probably, at 24 years old, our difficult situations have shown our true friends and estranged the false ones. We can feel disappointed by those who left, but we understand that those who stayed are more important.

In addition, at 24 years old, we accept and love us as we are, we do not need the approval of anyone and we know that, even if we lose our hair or have huge scars, we do not stop being beautiful.

At 24 years old, our body is stronger and our soul more stubborn than cancer. At 24 years old we are aware that our attitude makes all the difference and we know that if we really want to be happy, we will be happy regardless of the situation.

The universe can also reveal to us at 24 years old that, all we have to do in life is: be. And someday, be it at 24 or some years later, we will be able to thank it for having taught us so much. So, at 24 years old, the "bad" may not be so bad, because we will end up fulfilling our dreams after all...

How lucky I am to know this at my 24 years! Thanks to life and Frantz Tumor for giving me a second chance.


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