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K.O. to Frantz

Actualizado: 29 nov 2022

Sometimes it seems that everything is wrong and suddenly, everything is right again. April was a month of good news. And since I can't wait any longer to tell you...


Most of you already know that on April 17, through a PET scan, I discovered that FRANTZ DISAPPEARED!!! How? I don't know, but the last tumor that was on the vena cava (below the heart) ceased to exist. Just like that, without further explanations or a fifth surgery, I was cured for the second time of pancreatic cancer and I again became part of the 5% of the survivors.

I think it was a medical miracle, because there is no other word that describes it better. After so much uncertainty, sadness and pain, God, the universe or some higher energy, returned me what I most yearned: my health. Why? I don't know either, but I will enjoy every second of the greatest gift I have: life.

Instagram: @goodbyefrantz

In the fight against cancer, many well-meaning people are going to give you advice and tell you what they think will help you heal. However, if you are fighting against this disease or you are in a similar situation, I would tell you to trust your intuition and only do what you feel is right to cure yourself.

I received a lot of advice, I liked some of them and some did not, but what I can tell you is that I did everything that I thought could help me heal: operations, positive thinking, magic oils, nutrition, and I even went with a shaman. I had nothing to lose and much to gain.


When we found out that Frantz had returned, my aunt Andrea texted me and told me that she wanted to invite me to see a shaman. Of course I imagined those who make shamanic rituals in Mexico City's main plaza and I thought it was funny, but since I was determined to try everything to heal myself, I told her I wanted to go. On March 10th my mother, Andrea, Mateo (my cousin) and me went to our first appointment with the shaman and I can only say: WOW WITH WHAT HE SAID.

Shortly before what would have been my fifth surgery I met Enrique, who was going to be my chest surgeon, and risking to look like a strange person, I asked him for a photo to present him to you:

(Left to right: Chan, Majo, Enrique)

That day Chan asked me for a new PET scan to confirm that only the vena cava tumor remained. I scheduled it for April 17 and before the study, I returned with Eugenio, the shaman, because I was the only one he asked to return.

"You're healed", he told me.

I did not really believe that I was 100% cured (I knew I was missing a thoracic operation), but since the previous time he had told me more things and pointed out the parts of my body where the tumors were, I asked him: "¿And what about the tumor here? (I pointed under my heart) Will I be okay?".

Eugenio made a face like he did not know what I was talking about and he answered: "Yes, you will be fine".

On April 17 I had the PET and then I went radioactive to my cousin Lucy's birthday cake. Paco himself saw my results and you can imagine my surprise when he told me they were clean (to this day I still can't describe that feeling, but it is a mix of incredulity and extreme happiness), and while deciphering how to react I just said: "Alfredo, come heeere" ... and the rest is history.

For the official score against Frantz to be:

Majo - 2 | Cancer - 0

... there were 3 very important factors:

1) FAMILY, FRIENDS AND PARTNER. Alfredo, my family and the friends who accompanied me on all the ups and downs of my way back to total healing, are the ones who helped me win this battle, they celebrated with me the good news and supported me in the bad, they cheered me up, didn't let me lose my strength and also, they gave me the opportunity to treat me with the best doctors and in an excellent hospital (thanks dad, mom, grandpa Alejandro and Nena!). You probably already know, but for me, loyalty is one of the most important characteristics of a person and because of this, they all have an irrevocable place in my heart.

2) PLANS, PLANS AND MORE PLANS. As you know, I have many dreams and thanks to Frantz, I have started to fulfill each one of them. Viktor Frankl in his book Man's Search For Meaning said that "he who has a why to live can bear almost any how" citing Nietzsche. And here is where the positive attitude makes sense. While it is true that it's impossible to be happy all the time, because in this adventure there are too many bitter pills, having plans and reasons to live is what helps us to achieve it.

3) MEDICAL TEAM. It is undeniable that with a good medical team our chances of survival increase. Because of the good luck I have of being niece of the best doctors in the world, Paco Moreno and Lucy Laporta, the love of my favorite surgeon, Carlos Chan, and the professionalism of the medical staff of the ABC de Observatorio hospital, I always knew that I was in good hands and that the only thing I had to do was to recover.

In addition to the magical hands of my surgeon, I don't know what else healed me. I don't know if it was destiny, good luck, magic oils, nutrition, the shaman, the will of the universe, a medical error or a combination of everything, but the truth is that today there is no sign of Frantz, I am completely healthy and ready to enjoy how beautiful life is getting.

Despite all the bad things, many good things have also happened. I am the cousin of your friend's friend who had cancer and suddenly was cured, without more explanations than destiny and who has remained healthy since then. My story has a Disney story ending and I feel immensely happy and excited for what is coming.

Rest assured that I will continue to tell you things because I am testimony that there is life after cancer.

Big hug,

Majo >> follow me on @goodbyefrantz


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