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  • Daniela Fajardo

Hashimoto and Tumor "T" Ghost

Actualizado: 8 jul 2020

Tumor T, better known as the malignant solitary, appeared in my thyroid as if by magic and wanted to use its powers to fulfill the purpose of all the cancers of the world: to end the human life they inhabit.

Tumor T could be thought of as a wizard with bad reputation. At that time I didn't know it but he really wasn't as strong or powerful as he made me believe. The biggest trick of Tumor T was to play with my mind and make me believe that he was going to cause more damage than it really could.

I didn't know this either, but before Tumor T appeared, Hashimoto -the thyroid syndrome that can cause weight gain, depression, fatigue, etc- was already living in my body... What a party filled with unwanted guests!

Hashimoto and Tumor T had very different personalities and for this reason, there was soon a clash of powers. On one hand, Hashimoto just wanted a place to live and he didn't mind sharing the space with me (although he never asked me if I was ok or not to have him as a guest); on the other hand, Tumor T wanted to take my life.

And here is when you realize the big difference that someone who decides to help you can make in your life.

Although Hashimoto knew that if he tell on the evil Tumor T he would have to go with him, he decided to help me and show me the plans of this evil wizard. He barely showed his symptoms because deep down he wanted to stay, but thanks to him, on a casual visit to the gynecologist, I discovered Tumor T's hiding place.

The tumor was in my neck and had a tiny size. He hadn't had time to cause much havoc because he was barely in the initial stage. So to avoid his plans from being fulfilled, I decided to be the one to finish him off.

At this point I realized the cowardly character of thyroid cancer. Once you kick him out of your house, he doesn't dare to return. One operation was enough to get rid of Tumor T, the doctors removed my thyroid and the nearest ganglia, and this way they eliminated forever all traces of these evil tenants.

For me, Tumor T's ghost is barely perceptible. It's been almost two years since I fought my battle and sometimes, like when I'm going to take a study, the ghost of Tumor T appears. However, I've learned not to let him scare me. When I see him, I turn my back on him and the worry it causes me goes away. It is easy to ignore it when you know that, even if he screams, it will be impossible to listen to him because he no longer has a voice, we cut his throat.

Today, his ghost does not scare me and I confront him with confidence and with pride because I know that I removed Tumor T's powers and that he will never be able to return. He will stay forever in the limbo of cancers doing nothing more but circling.

The cancer world sent me the easiest opponent to beat and I am relieved to know that the solitary magician had no friends and that no other organ fell for his magic tricks. Although Hashimoto left with Tumor T and I don't miss him, I thank him for telling me that something wasn't right.

At age 23 I confirmed that in life not everything is white or black, good or bad and that we should not judge anyone because of their appearance. In the darkest story there may be a little light and also, in the worst scenario you can have the best panorama.

I am a strong person, more powerful than any cancer and although I have to take magic pills to replace the function of my thyroid, I am determined not to let the ghosts scare me.



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