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Frantz's Ghost

Actualizado: 8 jul 2020

Frantz was a silent strategist who arrived without invitation to my body and my life. He installed himself in my pancreas and threatened to take everything away from me. Little by little he became strong and like a good cancer, he planned to kill me. He became a giant ball and sent his best soldiers to invade my liver.

My body wanted to warn me about the invasion, sent signals and tried to talk to me, but I didn't pay attention to it. Because of this, he defended me as best he could and the spleen sacrificed itself before this imposing enemy to prevent his claws from reaching another important organ like the stomach.

By chance or coincidence, I discovered it late but still in time to do something. So, at 24 years old, I summoned the best Mexican army of family, friends and doctors, and went to the war for life with my most loyal soldiers. We suffered some surprise attacks, but three months after meeting this powerful German general, we managed to annihilate him.

Both teams suffered brutal blows. My dreams, my time and my life were at risk. I lost 66% of the pancreas, the spleen, the gallbladder and 50% of my right liver. However, I defeated my Frantz Tumor and managed to turn it into ashes with all its evil soldiers.

After a war, the dead are left in the battlefield and with them, their ghosts. From the cold inert bodies evaporate light spectra that can choose to continue their way or return to get revenge.

Frantz, like a good tormented soul, wakes up at night and brings with him pain, anxiety and sadness.

My cancer's ghost does not want to make peace with me. After all, I am responsible for him not being alive and he has decided to stay in the back of my mind as an awkward little voice that whispers and scares.

"I can come back", is its favorite threat.

The ghost has made me believe that my time is running out, that I am going to live only a few more years and I want to accelerate everything. He has made me believe that he will return, that it will not be long and will rise from the ashes to invade me again and finish what I didn't let him.

My Frantz Tumor has taken away the security that I used to feel and has left me fears. Fear of what I'm going to miss. Fear of my thoughts. Fear that when I'm starting to get over everything, Frantz come back.

This year I fought against the bad guys and showed that the good guys don't just win in the movies. However, this year I also learned that ghosts are not just things from movies and that they wake up when darkness arrives.

I'll probably never really be free again and I know that when it gets dark I'll feel scared. The only good thing is that, although some nights are very long, the ghosts always leave at sunrise.



Ps. You can know more of my story in:

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