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Actualizado: 8 jul 2020

Photo: @alfre.dor & @goodbyefrantz

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I remember that when my uncle Lalo was fighting against his piscis (colon cancer with liver metastases), I said that if one day my partner got sick (obviously I knocked on wood) or if I got sick (maybe I forgot to knock on wood again), I wanted to be or have someone like my aunt Pachy next to me... and life granted me that.

Alfredo is my best friend, my life partner and that boyfriend that all moms want for their daughters. He is loving, faithful, funny, hardworking, gentlemanly and a good dancer. He always cares about me and does everything he can to make me happy. Yes... he's charming.

Our love story began more than 10 years ago. Although it seems a lie, we were always in the same school and we are from the same generation, but we met until the first year of middle school (which was when he fell in love with me), when we were 13 and 12 years old. We started being "best friends" and just before I turned 15, we became sweethearts and grew up together. It is very romantic because we know since we were preteens that we want to be together forever.

This is one of my favorite photos. We were in ninth grade and at the end of school, it rained a lot. Obviously we went out to soak and ended up having a romantic photo in the rain.

I think that when you meet the love of your life, something happens that you just... know it. Alfredo is my first everything. My first kiss, my first love (the ones I liked in elementary school do not count), my first support and my first future husband (there is still no pressure, Alf). He is the first to break my heart, the first one to whom I tell everything and also, he is the first and the only one who can make me happy in the most difficult days.

Alfredo is someone special and he has shown me again and again that, if he loves you, he is the most unconditional person. Since my battle against Frantz began, I knew he was going to fight with me, but I never imagined the power he has to keep surprising me. He has not separated from me and he always accompanies me to everything important.

Every day I feel thankful for having someone like Alfredo. Every day I am proud of the decision I made at the age of 15 and that is because, without Alfredo, my struggle would be more painful. I know that my illness hurts him too, but he has been my greatest support. He has been loyal and has never let me give up. Also, when I feel my spirits fall, he has been by my side to help me lift them.

I remember once when I was in the hospital that I didn't want to eat (but I had to because I had been eating almost nothing for several days) and Alfredo dedicated himself to "distract me" while giving me a noodle soup. He talked to me so that when I answered I would have to eat what he gave me, and as I thought it was very funny that he thought I didn't realize that... I ate all the soup.

This is our first photo together. We had been dating for two weeks and went to a party on September 15 in 2008.

Alfredo makes me feel loved and always tells me that I'm pretty. He asks me: are you a girlfriend or a model?, even when I walk in a white gown through the corridors of the hospital or do not want to bathe. He trusts me and tells me what he thinks. Also, he always read what I write and declares himself my biggest fan.

Frantz made us value ourselves much more as a couple and we have learned that small problems do not matter. He taught us that with love we can overcome everything and united us in a different plane.

Alfredo is, without a doubt, one of my biggest motivations to continue here. We have many plans like getting married, keep traveling and have cute and healthy babies that we can tease, because the truth is that finding someone like Alfredo to share life is something very special.

So I promise I'll say goodbye to Frantz. I love you.


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