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My Wedding Day

Actualizado: 8 jul 2020

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Time flies! In a few days Alfredo and I will be celebrating 5 months of marriage and we continue to enjoy our wedding day as much as it had been yesterday. April 6, 2019 was one of the best days of my life and also the day I fulfilled the first of my three biggest dreams: marry the love of my life.

As many of you know, Alfredo and I love each other since we were preteens. At the age of 15 we became a couple, but before that we were best friends. So yes, from a very young age we built the foundations of strong relationship. A relationship we love, we enjoy and that has shown us that it survives even deadly diseases.

If you are reading this, it is probably because you have accompanied me on this adventure and helped me in some way or another to get better. You've given me courage in my battles against Frantz, my ex-pancreatic cancer, and celebrated with me the two times I got rid of him. For this reason, I want to invite you to relive with me my wedding day and also share with you the good times.

((Until September 15 you can see our digital invitation online at www.majoyalfredo.com))

As a picture says more than a thousand words, here are the highlights of the wedding. I'll leave the long version –which is my favorite– at the bottom as well as the contact of all our incredible suppliers.



I got ready at El Astillero with my mom, my mother-in-law, my sister, my aunt Diana and all my bridesmaids, so the good vibes started very early. We talked, we had breakfast and I was happy because as a good #bridezilla, we all had the same robes so that the photos looked pretty.

(These earrings are my aunt Andrea inheritance and it is tradition of my López family to get married with them. My mother, aunts and cousins also used them on their wedding day.)

Alfredo got ready at the hotel with his dad and brother, but before going to the estate he met with his friends and my dad to toast with them. He gave them their ties (which were the saaame color as my bridesmaids' dresses! I get excited because getting 10 "blush" ties was not an easy task... haha), they toasted and also started the day with a lot of good vibes.

They arrived at El Astillero and it was the first look, one of the coolest and most important moments of the day (according to me) because the brides keep our dresses secret until that moment and we always wonder if our fiancé will like it or not. Luckily, it is a YES 100% of the time.

Alfredo was backwards, the groomsmen on one side, the bridesmaids on the other, our parents and siblings next to them, getting excited with us. Alfredo turned, he saw me, I saw him and my future husband looked much more handsome than I had imagined.

Then, the photo shoot began.

The Mass was another beautiful moment of the day. We planned it at 5:00 p.m. for the golden hour and besides that everything looked beautiful, I almost cried when we promised to love and respect each other every day of our lives and be faithful in prosperity and adversity, in health and in illness, as I knew perfectly well that Alfredo really meant it because he has already showed it to me and continues to do so daily.

We remembered the most important people in our lives who were energetically present as my grandfather Rafael, my mom's father, who died two months before the wedding and attended with his brown shoes as he promised me; my grandma Priscilla, my uncle Lalo, my aunt Lucy and my aunt Alejandra.

We also remembered José Carlos, a very important friend of Alfredo and who surely wore one of the "blush" ties; and his two grandmothers, Sara and Clarita.

In addition, we were thrilled that all our guests were not only happy to see us happy, but they really shared our happiness at all times. Since they arrived until they left, and that made everything go well.

And oooobviously we could not miss the: "You can kiss the bride".

Mass ended and we went to the cocktail. We greeted most of our guests and as it is very tiring to be the groom and bride at a wedding... after a while we went to "my room" to rest (mostly my feet) a little before our big party entrance.

We entered the room with the song "Something I Need" by Ben Haenow and Joselo from @v.b.music told us when to start walking to be in the middle of the dancing floor at the best time. And I loved that they lit the sparks when Alfredo was spinning me!

We finished dancing and sat down to dinner. While we were having dinner, Alfredo and I enjoyed seeing all our guests who are special people who always support us and fill our lives with laughter on happy days and strength on difficult ones. Dear people who traveled from other countries such as Spain, USA, Canada and Costa Rica, or other cities such as CDMX, Xalapa, San Pancho and Tijuana to celebrate with us.

To all of them we leave in their places a beautiful text thanking them for being there and being our accomplices to make that day one of the most memorable of our lives. During dinner we also thanked the guests who had the detail to send us a gift.

After dinner, it was our dance. We danced "Ay Dios" by Franco Vita because we love it and it has been our song since we started dating in 2007. And if you know our history you will know that the lyrics were perfect for us.

Then I danced with my dad "Heaven Must Be Missing an Angel" where he was able to show off his characteristic (and funny) eighties move. Gaby, my mother-in-law, and Alfredo danced the song "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" and also had a nice time.

And then, the best part came... THE PARTY.

The atmosphere, the music, the decoration, the food, the candy... everything was excellent. We danced, we jumped, we laughed, we cried, we toasted and our guests always tell us they had a blast.

I threw the bouquet and was caught by Mariana, one of my best friends. And okeeey... I'm going to confess that we cheated a little and told her where I was going to throw it. The league was won by Gil, a friend and boyfriend of one of my bridesmaids.

The wedding vibe was so good that in addition to the two extra hours we had already paid, we had to pay a third because nobody wanted to leave... but judge it yourself:

(I love the full video of my wedding ❤️)

We were the last to leave.

The next day, we flied at night to our amaziiiing honeymoon. And since then, we have not stopped enjoying ourselves and being happy.


Alfredo for being the best life partner. My parents and my in-laws for their love and make possible the wedding of my dreams. Paola and Ernesto, for being the best siblings. Miguel, Marielena, Diana, Rul, Pachy, Paco, Lalo and Lucy for being teachers and our godfathers. Xime, Dani, Lucy, Dany, Mari, Fer, Mon, Rimpu and Ana for being the best sisters, cousins and friends, walking by my side during my illness and doing it again on the most important day of my life. Miguel, Mau, Said, Barba, Ro, Juanpa, Pichardo, Barona, Héctor and Diego for being unconditional friends.

Thanks to aaaall our guests. You are our favorite people on earth!


Wedding Planner - @mommaweddings

Wedding Coordinator – @papillonbylaura

Venue – @elastilleroqro

Photo & Video (Mau, Christian and Alex) – @molvoweddings

DJ + Lighting (Joselo, Reyes and the whole team) – @v.b.music

Assembly, Dance Floor, Acrylics and Periqueras@emsa_mx

Banquet – @lecuisinemx

Furniture – @divanaeventos

Invitations – @dtail_design_studio

Calligraphy and lettering – @cali_ti

Makeup and hairstyle – @fercruz.makeupqro

Dress – @airebarcelona_mx

Strips with bias cut – @illeanna www.yuli.com.mx

Flaps – @fun_flaps

Flowers – Momma Florals

Robes – @mommaweddings


Majo --> @goodbyefrantz :)